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Candle Bar

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In-Store Candle Bar Guidelines
Candle Bar -Make-Your-Own Candles -Reservations made for 1-4 people during business hours

1. Make Your Own Candles- bookings are offered from 1-4 people. Create your own candles are $20 per person and covers your materials, in-store class experience at our candle bar with and a custom-made 8oz candle to your liking, made by you!

2. Please choose the correct number of participants for your time slot so we can prepare the necessary amount of materials. Our candle bar in-store can seat up to 4 people at one time.

3. Candle bar sessions are 30 minutes long. We ask you to please be on time so you can enjoy your full experience without any other bookings overlapping. We offer a 15 minute grace period. If participants are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled.

4. Candle Bare participants must be 16 or older without supervision. Children may only participate at the Candle Bar if accompanied by a parent at all times due to safety hazards. We don't offer the candle bar service to any children under the age of 7.

5. Please, no loitering at the candle bar anytime before or after your session to allow for proper bar/store capacity. Once your session is complete, we kindly ask you to vacate the store unless continuing to shop for more items or receiving services.

6. After your session, candles need time to cure and cool. You must pick up your candles no later than 2 hours after your session or the following day. Shipping options are available for all services.